Passover Shadow of Easter

The evening of April 7, 2023, John Tarr interviewed his grandson, Justin Tarr, on Jaws Christ Talk Special.

April 7th was Good Friday so our topic was timely for Easter weekend.

Justin has a theological degree from Grand Canyon Collage in Phoenix, Arizona.

Our conversation was wide ranging pertaining to the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and how the Passover connected to Him.

Justin made our interview very interesting with his knowledge of what he was talking about.

In Colossians 2:17,  Paul said: “These are a shadow of the things to come, but the substance belongs to Christ.”

The original Passover is the climax of the event of salvation in the redemptive story of God over Egypt’s gods.

This was a gross display of power to destroy any opposition to the rebellious angelic and demonic forces that were at work in that area— Pharaoh’s magicians were able to replicate multiple of the plagues at first!

This was hostile enemy territory controlled by powerful and malevolent powers, both earthly and within the realm of spirits.

And Passover was the ultimate blow: God takes the firstborn of Egypt (livestock included!

Easter Sunday was Jesus’s birthday as not just Israel’s firstborn, but the firstborn of the new Creation that he might be pre emanate in all things.  

The ultimate firstborn was not spared, but can never die.

To read Justins complete blog ‘Double Portion for the Firstborn’

We think you will enjoy this podcast, so let us know what you think.


Passover Shadow of Easter

Here is the video of the interview with Justin Tarr.

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Passover Shadow of Easter
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Passover Shadow of Easter
John Tarr interviewed his grandson, Justin Tarr, who is a Christian Apologetics, on Jaws Christ Talk. April 7th was Good Friday so our topic was timely for Easter weekend.
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Jaws Coffee Chat
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