Our hosts on JAW’s Coffee Chat will interview people on the following podcast shows: Mental Health Awareness, Christ Talk, Christ Talk Special, Diet, Follow Your Dreams and Amy Varley Live. These podcasts will take place at different times of the month. We will be recording these podcasts on YouTube and publish them on the podcast page on our website.

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Christ Talk

John Tarr interviews different people to get a cross section of what peoples experiences with following Jesus Christ has been like.

Each week, John interviews a different person. 

1st Monday – Alan Tai (Physicist)

2nd Monday – Rhonda Brown (Poet)

3rd Monday 

2nd Saturday – Justin Tarr

Mental Health Awareness

Tune in to hear us talk about our daily struggles as people with mental health conditions.

We are actual people with various conditions ranging from depression, anxiety, P.T.S.D., autism, epilepsy, hard of hearing and more.

Our conversations range from coping methods that work for us, advice we receive from our providers all the way to issues in our society that many, if not all, of us with mental illnesses have to deal with or face in our daily lives.


Listen to us share with you various foods that Jennifer A Whitaker has found that are free of four common allergens as she too, has allergies to Gluten, Soy, Milk and Eggs.

Here we talk about food and drinks she has found that are free of her allergens, mostly healthy options, but with some good stuff like those sweets…even ice cream, that we all crave.

This diet is so healthy that Ms. Whitaker’s doctors have found her body to have the health of someone at least ten years younger than her actual age.

It’s great for athletes or those who are active because of some of the food options being high in sodium. Wherever you are starting, this is a great place to go to improve your allergen free healthy food awareness to help integrate in the diet your doctors direct you to eat and avoid.

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Recent Blog Posts

Passover Shadow of Easter

Passover Shadow of Easter

John Tarr interviewed his grandson, Justin Tarr, who is a Christian Apologetics, on Jaws Christ Talk. April 7th was Good Friday so our topic was timely for Easter weekend.

Prayer On Rhondas Mind

Prayer On Rhondas Mind

John Tarr interviewed Rhonda Brown, who is a professional Christian poet, on our Christ Talk podcast on May 8, 2023. On this podcast we talked about prayer and how it connects us to the God of this universe.

Men of Hope

Men of Hope

I interviewed Randy Williams on Monday, April 17, 2023. He is a real prayer warrior but is also a facilitator for a Christian 12 Step Group at Mountain Park Church in Ahwatukee Foothills just south of Phoenix, Arizona.

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