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JAW's Coffee Chat - Podcast

Come hear what we have to say on JAW’s Coffee Chat podcast, and videos.

Our Hosts will interview people with with different podcast. Mental Health Awareness, Christ Talk, Christ Talk Special, Diet, Follow Your Dreams and Amy Varley Live, among many other podcasts . These podcast will take place at different times of the month but we will be recording these podcast on Youtube that will publish on our podcast website page.

We interview asking questions to seek information that you want to hear from different everyday people that are of benefit to you, or others who are listening or watching our videos.

If you would like to be on one of our shows, please fill out this form

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I want to be on a podcast?

First Schedule with us for a consultation about your interest and goal with the podcast by going to www.calendly.com/JennsBooksandMore. After meeting, we will decide if you are a good match. If we decide to proceed, we will send you a contract as our podcasts are not a one time, but instead are series about the guest speaker and what they do or have to offer.


Where can I find the podcast on social media?

Linkedin @ JAWsCoffeeChat, Twitter @, YouTube “JAW’s Coffee Chat”, Facebook @ JAWsCoffeeChat

Where can I find videos to watch?

Go to www.jawscoffeechat.com/ videos for the same episodes as videos instead of podcasts.

Does it cost anything to be on the podcast/video?

Yes, but first schedule with us to see if you are fit. If we approve you to be on our show, we will send you a contract with the rates and other information involved. Rates may change due to inflation and other reasons over time, so we will give you those details in the contract with the up to date rates at the time. However, rates can change so if you wait before signing the contract, returning it to us at (virtual assistant’s email) and starting.

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Recent Blog Posts

Passover Shadow of Easter

Passover Shadow of Easter

John Tarr interviewed his grandson, Justin Tarr, who is a Christian Apologetics, on Jaws Christ Talk. April 7th was Good Friday so our topic was timely for Easter weekend.

Prayer On Rhondas Mind

Prayer On Rhondas Mind

John Tarr interviewed Rhonda Brown, who is a professional Christian poet, on our Christ Talk podcast on May 8, 2023. On this podcast we talked about prayer and how it connects us to the God of this universe.

Men of Hope

Men of Hope

I interviewed Randy Williams on Monday, April 17, 2023. He is a real prayer warrior but is also a facilitator for a Christian 12 Step Group at Mountain Park Church in Ahwatukee Foothills just south of Phoenix, Arizona.