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As you know, the veteran suicide rate is unactable as of the last census,6.4% of the population are veterans, but The suicide rate for Veterans is 1.5 times higher than that of the general population. The suicide rate among Veterans between 18 and 34 increased by 95.3%.

How many veterans go to the VA seeking help to end up in the parking lot and lose the fight with demons?

Veterans, for being such a small number of the population, make up all most ½ of the suicide rate. (at current reported numbers, some will say more, and some will say less). We cannot get an accurate number if the stigma attached to suicide exists.

Throughout history, nations have called upon their young men and woman (Good People) to defend the rights of their citizens. To see the worst humanity can do to one another WAR. You can hate war. But not the WARRIOR. It is NOT just their responsibility alone to care for those who gave so much. To defend your freedoms, We aim to have 90% of funds raised go to the mission.

Other Non-Profit organizations need to catch up on what a Non-Profit should be to help those in need. We understand it costs to operate, but we aim to have at most 10% go to those costs. 


Project Diehard

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Project Diehard
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Project Diehard
The purpose of this facility and grounds is to create a retreat and extended stay facility for veterans and their families.
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